Utilising 2022 colour trends throughout your home

How to incorporate colour throughout the home to refresh and inspire.

Over the past 2 years, the world has changed, and so too have our homes. We have seen everyday comforts become a priority – cultivating many to look to adjust their homes to become a place to feel inspired, calm and expressive. While many of us crave comfort seen across neutral colour palettes, we can also see a growing demand for bold and striking colour combinations to create a space that speaks to the personality of those within. This article draws on some of the year’s colour predictions to help inspire you to utilise colour throughout your home.

Courtesy of Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 – Flourish palette. Cabinet paint colour” Dulux Dark Door. Wall paint colour: Dulux Deep Leather. Above fireplace paint colour; Dulux Bongo Drum. From left: Baxter Gemma Chair by Draga and Aurel, Space Furniture; Angelo Mangiarotti Dining Table, Artedomus; “In Dreams” Original Photograph by Lilli Waters, Modern Times; Vase in Dulux Benang & Gold Vintage Gold Effect, Stylist; Balance 03 object, Lightly; (On mantel) Water Tower VII by Kenny Yong-Soo Son, Modern Times; Balance 01 incense holder, Lightly; Mirror, Homeowner. Photography – Lisa Cohen. Styling – Bree Leech

For many, 2022 is a year synonymous with hope and optimism for the future. We consider how we can best express ourselves through interior design and styling to create an environment that complements our lifestyle. Dulux’s 2022 colour forecast comprises three breathtaking palettes that reflect these current times. The collection features rich, earthy tones and neutral textures, contrasting with joyful, summery hues that invigorate and awaken our zest for life. 

Many have realised the importance of being true to themselves after reflecting throughout the last couple of years. Using bold elegant colour combinations, you can be truly expressive in culture and personality. Embracing rich, moody hues and deep dark colours to generate a warm and intimate environment can be seen through Dulux’s Flourish palette. Using plush textures such as velvet and leather can add warmth and comfort throughout the home while metallic décor adds an additional element of luxury. Capturing details from an alternative era and combining them with contemporary aspects can also create unique self-expression. Consider incorporating vintage pieces or family heirlooms throughout the space to create a truly unique style.

Combining natural colours and textures can help us create a grounding environment within the home. Incorporating neutral colours can foster a calming, restorative, and rejuvenating atmosphere to reflect. You can achieve this with soft neutrals, forest greens, and buttercreams throughout paint choices, décor, and furniture, drawing on inspiration from Dulux’s Restore palette. Furthermore, the home echoes our natural environment when matched with varying textures of raw timbers, linens, bouclé, and stone, paired with curves and varying shapes in furniture and décor.

Summerhill Project. Built by Construct Melbourne. Photographed by Simon Shiff. James Hardie Paneling above built-in workspace. Styling and items by Norsu Interiors.

Summerhill Project. Built by Construct Melbourne. Photographed by Simon Shiff. Styling by Norsu Interiors. James Hardie Paneling, Illusion Gas Log Fireplace, Tracy Mock Artwork, Globe West Occasional Chair.

Introducing bright colours with playful combinations brings a sense of joy and festivity as we reconnect with loved ones and delight in life. This may be as simple as including recurring colours seen across feature pieces such as pinks and blues throughout the home, as seen in Summerhill project. Summerhill showcases vibrant colours throughout artwork and feature occasional chairs to add a light, cheerful and inviting feel to the home.  

For the more adventurous, using unexpected combinations of colours, patterns, and textures can bring excitement to a room. Contrasting colours paired with contemporary furniture can bring out the carefree memories of childhood with beautiful sophistication.

Joyful colours can be used affectionately throughout children’s bedrooms and playrooms, sparking imagination and providing a cheerful environment for them to thrive.

Courtesy of Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 – Wonder palette. Paint colour: Dulux Pax. From left: Camaleonda Sofa by B&B Italia, Space Furniture; 156 multi rug, Hali; Porter Side Table, Grazia and Co; Time Warp Bowl in green, Makers’ Mrkt; Daylight Lamp, Dean Norton; Porter Side Table, Grazia and Co; Celtic Vessel by Alice Gavalet, Jardan; Desert Pea Chair, Lauren Lea Haynes; Anna Spiro Cushion in Tattie Tartan, Fenton and Fenton; “Empty Wishes” Original Artwork By Gabrielle Jones, Studio Gallery; Smooth shelf in Dulux Duralloy Wedgewood, Nicole Lawerence; (On shelf top) W&S chubby vase soft yellow, Makers’ Mrkt; (On shelf middle) Pink Moment by Ebony Russell, Modern Times; Books, Stylist; Kandle in Pink, Makers’ Mrkt; (On shelf bottom) Vessel by Tessy King,Craft Vic. Photography – Lisa Cohen. Styling – Bree Leech

Consider using recurring colours throughout different rooms for unity within the home while creating a fitting atmosphere for the individual room. For example, you may use a deep moody colour for a feature wall in the bedroom to create a sensual and intimate environment and use similar hues in vases, art, and pillows in the living area with otherwise lighter colour choices for an energetic ambience.

Colour choices can dramatically affect the mood and feel of a home and can be used thoughtfully in different rooms to achieve the desired atmosphere and inspire joy, energy, and rest where needed.

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