The Construct Melbourne Design and Build Process

A more efficient way to build the home you want.

In a day and age where life is busier than ever before, time is incredibly valuable. Embarking on the journey of creating your dream home should be cherished, not tainted with the stress that is often involved in the build process. At Construct Melbourne, we have developed a unique Design and Build Process to ensure a customer-centric approach from beginning to end. We understand the commitment you are making is one of the most important decisions you will make for your family and lifestyle. Our emphasis on client experience means we are here to support you every step of the way. As experts in our industry, we are here to guide you through the journey to ensure you can enjoy the build process as much as possible before moving into your beautiful home that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

Summerhill Project / Custom New Home. Photography by Simon Shiff Says. Styling by Norsu Interiors.

Summerhill Project / Custom New Home. Photography by Simon Shiff Says. Styling by Norsu Interiors.

Summerhill Project / Custom New Home. Photography by Simon Shiff Says. Styling by Norsu Interiors.

Summerhill Project / Custom New Home. Photography by Simon Shiff Says. Styling by Norsu Interiors.

As an award-winning builder, we have spent many years networking with leaders in the construction industry. When choosing to work with us, you can ensure our hand-selected team of trusted professionals will help bring your project to life. We are proud of our collaborative approach between key stakeholders including architect and engineers – streamlining often time-consuming items such as obtaining permits and managing all paperwork and correspondence with the council on your behalf. By coordinating all aspects, we progress seamlessly through each step from concept to reality. With many years of experience, we consider your budget and provide you with realistic expectations of total cost to ensure you are not faced with any unwelcome surprises. We pride ourselves on our transparency throughout the process and ensure you are updated regularly.

What to expect with our Design & Build Process

To learn more about our Design & Build Process see our 5-step phase outlined below, ensuring each project runs seamlessly and within industry-leading timeframes.

STEP 1: Initial Concept Design

The initial design consultation involves meeting with builder and architect. We listen to your goals and support you in making plans with helpful feedback and suggestions from a practical builder’s perspective. We work with you to align your dream home goals with functional design concepts that support your lifestyle while considering your budget.

STEP 2: Design Development

Architectural drawings and structural design are developed, including completion of specialist reports and surveys required for appropriate Building Permits.

STEP 3: Planning and Permits

Construct Melbourne will manage the preparation and submission of all documentation to Councils & Building Surveyors, as well as ongoing correspondence – saving you time and hassle.

STEP 4: Interior Design and Stage Selection

Construct Melbourne offer a fully inclusive interior design package tailored to our individual client’s needs. When it comes to selections, our clients wish to provide differing levels of involvement. Whether it’s just a soundboard to provide feedback and ideas for clients who wish to dive in and select everything themselves, right through to developing a fully assisted colour palette, mood boards and selection of finishes.

STEP 5: Construction

In the final step, you will see your dream home come to fruition. Our customer-centric approach means we will be transparent in our progress at every step of the build process.

We want you to be filled with confidence and excitement as we help make your dream home a reality. By choosing Construct Melbourne, we coordinate all aspects so that your family is minimally disrupted, so you can enjoy your home sooner.

About Construct Melbourne

Construct Melbourne designs and builds luxury homes in Melbourne’s inner-south. We are dedicated to our craft and passionate about creating beautiful homes to enrich the lives of our clients.

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