Simple ways to build a sustainable home

How to build with conscious design for a sustainable home.

When building a conscious home, there is a lot to consider – from design and the general flow of the space to the materials and suppliers you select. Aiming to create a sustainable home can often be a confusing or overwhelming task. To help you create your dream home, we share some simple ways to build with sustainability in mind.

Skylights and lots of natural light for our Ardrie Project.

Skylights and lots of natural light for our Ardrie Project.

The power of the sun.

Solar panels are an obvious choice for powering a sustainable home. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that captures power from the sun and converts it to electricity. By having solar panels installed, your reliance on power grids that send greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is heavily reduced, while also reducing your power bills for years to come.

Prioritising the thermal performance of your home is also crucial when aiming to reduce your carbon footprint. Thermal performance is the ability of a material to absorb, store and slowly release heat. Bricks, for instance, help to insulate by absorbing and storing heat, helping to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. By pairing bricks with insulation, you can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 40 per cent.

Non-toxic and eco materials.

Choosing non-toxic or eco materials can easily be overlooked when building a custom new home or renovating. When choosing products or suppliers, opt for those striving to create a sustainable future. Some great examples include:

  • Sustainably grown or recycled timber

  • Mud brick made from water, earth and straw, or reclaimed bricks

  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints

  • Green thermal insulation

Passive Design.

Passive design considers local environmental conditions so your home can optimise the sun’s natural energy and regulate its own climate to a certain extent. Factors such as orientation, flow and windows or skylights play a significant role in this practice. Passive Solar Design can drastically reduce the need for artificial lighting, and heating or cooling – helping you and your family stay comfortable all year long.

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