Investing in your Laundry

Enhancing your day-to-day life with thoughtful design

Traditionally laundries have been allocated a low budget and equipped with only the basics for washing and cleaning. However, modern-day families increasingly appreciate that the laundry is one of the hardest working rooms of the home and maximising functionality is key when striving for functionality that avoids overflow to the rest of the home. Laundries are a space we spend significant time completing chores, however, it does not have to be synonymous with dread. Carefully considering design can ensure your laundry remains a place of solace while performing even the most mundane tasks. In this article, we share tips on maximising the use of your laundry and creating a dreamy space. 

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The location of the laundry is an important consideration. Ideally, it is placed between indoor and outdoor areas for easy external access. Often placed next to bathrooms or the kitchen, this avoids any bothersome noises in living spaces or bedrooms. In smaller homes limited in space, you may need to utilise a section of the bathroom or create a concealed European-style laundry. Another great way to use space is to create a laundry as part of a mudroom.


Appliances are the star of the room and will make your life considerably easier if chosen wisely. The type of appliances you install will impact the layout so should be considered in early planning. Washing machines come in a range of options, each with benefits depending on family size, frequency of use, and personal preference. While top loaders generally have a larger capacity and are cheaper to buy, they cannot be stacked or hidden beneath the bench and are typically less water and energy-efficient than front loaders. Other options include dual washers which allow separate loads to be washed simultaneously, maximising efficiency. Two-in-one washer-dryers are a great option if you lack space.


When planning your layout, it is essential to include adequate space for performing necessary tasks and adequate storage solutions. Ensure you include tall cupboards for storing large items such as mops, vacuums, brooms, buckets, and laundry baskets. The room should ideally have enough room for washing, drying, ironing, and folding to occur. If space allows, you may consider including an island bench which provides additional bench space and cabinetry for storage. Using overhead cabinets is a great way to make use of the height of the room. Furthermore, open shelving can add a purpose-built nook for styled items or indoor plants to lift the mood of the space.


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Modern laundries have so many options that can make life easier by saving space and allowing laundry tasks to become a breeze. Features such as heated hanging rails, built-in laundry hampers, concealed pull-out ironing boards, and heated flooring can all make a significant difference to your day-to-day routine. For homeowners with pets, you can include open space in joinery for food bowls or beds, or install a dog shower for easy grooming. 


Choosing the style of your laundry comes down to personal choice and coordinating with the rest of your home. Basics to consider include flooring, cabinetry, cabinet handles, splashback, and benchtops to better reflect your style. Options that can add to aesthetic appeal include open shelving for décor, skylights, windows, and bench seats for increased comfort. Integrated appliances can support a refined look while alternatives for the traditional stainless-steel trough such as ceramic can further add to the sophistication of the space.     

Laundries are an important room worth careful planning to maximise the use of space and enhance your day-to-day life. Important considerations are the room location, appliances, the layout of the room, additional features to suit your needs, and reflecting personal style in design.

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