Embracing the Bouclé furniture trend

The comforting textile that is Bouclé is back – and for good reason.

Bouclé, derived from the French word meaning “curled’, has been one of the most popular interior trends of 2020. The Bouclé furniture trend has been seen in latest works from acclaimed furniture designers and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

What is Bouclé?

Bouclé can refer to either a yarn, made from a series of looped fibers, or the fabric made from it. Wool is the most common fiber to undergo the technique, however, it is also commonly seen in cotton, linen, and silk. This year, the cloud-like textile has made a notable comeback, covering furniture, cushions, ottomans and much more, offering a natural softness to any item.

Bouclé fabric offers a range of benefits to help transform your space into a comfortable safe haven. From acoustic absorption to offering the utmost comfort, there’s no surprise of the materials rise in popularity during times of unrest and uncertainty.


Embracing the Bouclé trend in your home.

As Winter in Melbourne comes to an end and we approach the warmer months, now is the perfect time to cleanse, rearrange or restyle, and take charge. To revitalise your space, try embracing this surprisingly durable yet oh-so-comfortable fabric.

Due to its natural creamy white hue, bouclé furniture is often seen in modern or minimalist spaces to add texture and warmth. Add a statement chubby chair or sofa, or use as an accent texture in scatter cushions, as an easy way to bring a cosy feel to your home.

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