Do mood boards matter?

Three reasons to utilise mood boards when building your dream home.

Mood boards can be seen across a myriad of creative disciplines such as Fashion, Interior Design, and Visual Design, bringing a varying connotation to each depending on the context. A mood board is a combination of colours, images and textures to inspire a cohesive theme to a particular project.


Mood board or Material board?

Call them what you will, but don’t forget about them! Both mood boards and material boards work to complement one another but do have slightly different roles. A mood board is a conceptual presentation to help paint a picture. A mood board will typically contain a colour palette, examples of furniture, accessories, or other details that help inspire you for your project. A material board (also referred to as a sample board) is very similar to a mood board but it contains a combination of specific products, paint colours, finishes, and textiles to use when completing your project. By utilising a mood board, you can harness the exact look you are after, while the material board helps to bring specifics together when choosing suppliers and products, lending itself to the complexity of your project and vision, and preparing yourself for stock availabilities, costs and how all elements work together.

While some may see the process of curating mood boards to be unnecessary and timely, we are here to share three main reasons why developing a mood board when building or renovating is a crucial element within the design process.

Unlimited source of inspiration.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but mood boards create a pivotal role in telling us the story. Visual concepts offer an unlimited source of inspiration that not only captures the aesthetic of your project or renovation but creates an idea about how you want to feel in the finished space.

Staying true to your vision.

As you continue to develop your mood board you can experiment with unlikely combinations and see if they feel like a natural fit for your aesthetic. Mood boards will be an essential part in bringing your minds’ vision into the physical, without deviating too far from your overarching needs and wants. Having a quick-reference mood board can also save countless hours down the line as it helps you stay on task and true to your vision.

Samples, samples, samples.

Product samples are one of the most beneficial ways to experiment with a colour or texture before investing. Asking for colour or product samples of shortlisted product selections allows you to piece together your new space without to ensure you are absolutely in love before proceeding!

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