Decoding maximalism in interior design.

The moreish interior design movement we can’t get enough of.

Clean lines, little to almost no furnishing – just the bare minimum that you would need to emphasise intentional design in a contemporary yet humble rendition of simple living. It seemed as though minimalism was everyone’s dream. But oh, how we’ve missed so much in term of rich textures, bold colours and contrasting patterns that are hyper-personalised to the occupants. What is far from a passing trend – rather the pendulum returning us to a state of self-expression – maximalism in interior design and styling is having a moment and we are relishing the truly unique combinations of patterns, art and objects.

What is maximalism in interior design?

Maximalism isn’t simply owning copious amounts of things and putting them all together; instead, it merges core elements of patterns, colour and texture. It’s a layered masterpiece of unexpected palettes and textures that can be juxtaposed with art, furniture and objects that have been collected over time to create a space truly unique and deeply personal.

Intriguing and innovative, maximalist interior design is an adventure that you can take as far into the unknowns of culture with bold colours or textured patterns. A keen eye will combine these elements and create a curated aesthetic rich in colour that elevates the energy of the space while offering an almost nostalgic story behind what’s what. Maximalism is a form of personal expression – exploring different cultures, lifestyles and more through their motifs and vivid hues.

A keen eye for detail will notice how these elements come together seamlessly on every level – often masterfully merging elements from varying periods.

Photography Elise Scott. Interior Design and Styling by Ryan Fernandes. Rug from Armadillo & Co, Chairs in Emerald Green and Red Leather from Great Dane Furniture, dining table in smoked oak from Great Dane Furniture.

Photography Elise Scott. Interior Design and Styling by Ryan Fernandes. Custom vintage bedhead, all linens and blankets from Abode Living, table lamp and side table from Great Dane Furniture.

A maximalist approach to interior design and styling can be seen in our recent project, The Grove – a beautiful union of colour, heritage and up-to-the-minute design features, and a layered approach to colour, texture and patterns. Materiality is at the heart of the project with blackbutt timbers floors and polished nickel fixtures combined with fine details seen across the traditional-style entrance, ornate heritage ceilings and carefully curated colour palette that transition with ease throughout the course of the day.

Photography Elise Scott. Interior Design and Styling by Ryan Fernandes. Island bench paint Oolong from Dulux. Handmade Moroccan tiles from Tiento, Hof bar stools in swedish red leather from Great Dane Furniture, Black Classic Oven and Stovetop by Falcon, greenery from The Branche Ashburton.

In the kitchen, handmade Moroccan tiling reflects a naturally iridescent hue across the splashback, complementing the shaker-style joinery in whisper white and contrasting with the Falcon classic range cooker in black, showcasing a beautifully layered country aesthetic balanced with a contemporary European feel. It features a vibrant colour palette of inky hues combined with traditional elements and impeccable finishes. The interior styling showcases internationally renowned Danish design in conjunction with antique fabrics and items making the composition truly unique. 

The project showcases contemporary maximalism resulting in a perfect union of clean lines, a touch of decadence, enriching textures and strong colours omnipresent throughout the residence.

Photography Elise Scott. Interior Design and Styling by Ryan Fernandes. Green leather sofa and ottoman Great Dane Furniture, artwork to the right from Cruz Jimenez - The Flowering, woollen feature rug from Behruz Studio Great Dane Furniture, cushions, accessories and armchair from Great Dane Furniture.

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