Celebrating architecture of renewal with this airy makeover to Melbourne based Californian Bungalow.

Transforming a quaint home in need of full renovating from the ground up, Construct Melbourne and Architects Instyle Design have modernised an existing Californian Bungalow in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Carnegie project is a celebration of architectural renewal, reconfiguring for light and practicality and wrapping the exterior of this multi-story dwelling with a velvet banner of blackened timber. The result is a spacious, light-filled abode designed to serve as a retreat for the couple of busy Melbourne-based professionals and their two fur-babies.

Paying homage to the gum lined street it occupies, the spotted gum charred timber cladding – a technique also known as Shou sugin bun originating in Japan in the 18th century – offers gravitas to the façade of the home in a beautifully sustainable selection rich in texture and character.

Step into the traditional terrazzo threshold to be greeted by original leadlight front door in what is a gentle nod to its clear art-deco influence. Enter the redefined structure to be welcomed by open timber staircase and what is merely a peek of full-height windows on the recessed ground level to the rear of the residence.

Morphing a dreamy combination of raw oak flooring making its way throughout the entirety of the ground floor before meeting the delicate full-height sheer curtains in what is the fusion of minimalist sophistication and the ever-changing shadow play of dappled light. An overhead void is added to the equation to create a dramatic light-filled haven.

Carnegie Residence makes welcoming daybreak a breeze with intuitive features such as electric blinds to effortlessly manipulate lighting from early energised mornings together to relaxed Sunday afternoons.

Grey veins of solid Dolomite marble meet the otherwise entirely white kitchen to provide a canvas for everyday rituals, easily transformed by opening the expansive bi-fold doors for summer entertaining by the outdoor kitchen, fully equipped with outdoor bar fridge.

Carnegie project brings a well-needed focus back to the everyday comforts of home, paired with a seraphic aura within the new form of the residence – providing a place of revitalization and tranquillity while maintaining its locale.

Photography by Simon Shiff. Architecture Instyle Design. Interior Design VN Design.


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